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The Science of Bios Life SLIM:

SLIM is a simple one-product solution for:

Bios Life Slim helps the body burn fat in the following six processes:

1. Reduces Appetite. Bios Life Slim curbs the appetite by creating a feeling of satiety or fullness. Scientists have known for years that fiber increases satiety or, in other words, fiber makes you feel fuller quicker. As we have previously mentioned, the Biosphere Fiber creates a gel-like matrix in the gut. This gellike matrix takes up physical space that would normally be occupied by food. 

 2. Blocks the Absorption of Fat. Bios Life Slim absorbs fat by binding to fatty molecules, prohibiting the absorption of cholesterol into the blood stream. This is one of the ways in which Bios Life Slim is able to lower cholesterol to healthy levels. By removing fat from our bodies, we reduce the amount of fat our bodies need to break down or store.

3. Creates “Fat Burning Zones” Bios Life Slim utilizes its fat stores for energy production. We have dubbed these periods as “fat-burning zones.” The main reason this occurs is because Bios Life Slim moderates blood glucose levels. The Biosphere Fiber in Bios Life Slim helps keep glucose levels from spiking too high as well as from dropping too low. This in turn requires less insulin and helps curb the urge to snack. This will help curb urges to snack. Once the body has metabolized insulin, it can utilize its own fat storage for energy production. This is one of the steps crucial to converting the body into a fat burning machine.

4. Reduces Leptin Resistance. Bios Life Slim reduces leptin resistance. Leptin is the signaling hormone between fat cells and the brain. The brain stops craving food when it senses an adequate amount of leptin. This communication helps the brain control the appetite by helping to restore proper hormone signaling to the brain by reducing insulin levels in the body. When insulin levels are high, this communication blocks the release of leptin from the cells, and as a result, fat accumulates. Maintaining high levels of insulin in the body results in a lack of leptin signaling to the brain which can cause the brain to “stop hearing” the leptin signal. This situation is called leptin resistance and is a significant factor in obesity and weight gain. Bios Life Slim breaks this cycle by moderating blood glucose levels which in turn moderate insulin levels. By taking Bios Life Slim regularly and lowering the level of insulin in the body, the leptin signaling between the fat cells and the brain is reestablished. This may help reduce cravings and appetite leading to fat burn and weight loss.

5. Lowers Triglycerides. In relation to number two, Bios Life Slim lowers blood fat levels, known as triglycerides. Recent studies have shown how triglycerides inhibit leptin from crossing the blood brain barrier, preventing the signal from ever reaching the brain. By reducing triglyceride levels, we are removing one obstacle from allowing leptin to get into the brain. The brain can’t ever react to the message if the message is blocked at the door way. Regular use of Bios Life Slim reduces the triglyceride levels, thus enabling leptin to cross into the brain.

6. Improve Cholesterol Levels. The final benefit of Bios Life Slim is its ability to manage lipid profiles and help bring cholesterol levels to a healthy range. We have already discussed how efficient Bios Life Slim is in reducing total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol levels. However, we are just discovering how this is important not only for cardiovascular health but in fat burning. A recent study has shown how LDL-cholesterol acts as a signal from the liver to fat cells, inhibiting lipolysis (the process of breaking down fats). By reducing LDL-cholesterol, Bios Life Slim removes an important obstacle in converting the body into a fat-burning machine. Regular consumption of Bios Life Slim will reduce total cholesterol levels but more importantly, will reduce LDL-cholesterol levels.

Through the combination and synergy of these six processes, Bios Life Slim helps the body become a fat-burning machine.  There simply isn’t another supplement on the market like it!